Hot Spot for Smartcities


4 March, 2022 - Aplicaziones starts the implementation of its Hot Spot for Smartcites in different customers in the national market.

This solution facilitates an attractive experience for public WiFi services in cities.

"A satisfied visitor is the best publicity your city can receive".

Functionalities that it incorporates (among others):

  • Login with the user's language
  • Captive portal that invites and engages visitors and customers.
  • Campaigns, promotions and events
  • Apps with weather or places of interest
  • Easy and fast login thanks to Social login (Facebook/Twitter/Google+/LinkedIn/Amazon...) and share the experience using "Like" or "Follow".
  • Fast registration but collecting visitors' data, email validation
  • Secure data retention: register by sending an SMS and receive an SMS with credentials
  • Internet plans
  • Surveys
  • Advertising
  • GPS tracking
  • GPS campaigns
  • Marketing and data analysis
  • Traffic control and application prioritisation
  • HW manufacturer independent solution
  • Support of different AP HWs and comms Gateways (4G/5G, FTTH, Hispasat & Starlink)
  • Flexible and configurable for all types of WiFi service providers (Smartcities, Town Halls, Hotels, Campsites, Museums, Boats, Buses, etc.)

The solution has been developed in partnership with the Italian company Prometeo, manufacturer of the market leading Hot Spot Network Manager product.

For more information contact Aplicaziones