Passive Optical LANs (POL)

FTTX POL Passive Optical Lans

With nearly 1 million GPON lines designed in FTTH deployments for carriers in Spain, Aplicaziones introduces in the national market these innovative solutions also for the enterprisee markets.

Based on Passive Optical LANs (POL) standards, they may offer significant savings (+50%) in CAPEX and OPEX to our customers, as well as facilitate corporate strategies for minimizing environmental impact.

More information about POL networks can be found on APOLAN association.

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Engineering for carriers

Outside plant engineering for FTTH deployments

  • Process consultancy and RFPs elaboration
  • Technical standards and procedures for carriers
  • Work planning in distribution network, clusters, home drops
  • Global site survey of clusters
  • Management of constructionpermits
  • Sales and commercial management for new or migrated service subscribers
  • Basic site survey and technical study of residence units
  • Site survey and evaluation of ducts for indoor and outdoor networks
  • Technical analysis of FTTH solution for backbone and distribution segments
  • Fiber distribution cabinets location
  • Coverage area calculation
  • Shared infrastructure management )(SUCs, Neon)<
  • Project management and data loading (GIS and documentation)
  • As-built documentation
  • More than 1 million homes passed designed over the last 5 years

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Engineering for companies

Consulting, engineering, design and development of telecom networks

Project planning
  • Strategic consulting. Director plans, operative plans, project planning, technical specifications, services migration, change management, externalization processes and SLAs management.
  • RFPs for bid elaboration.
  • Technical requirements and procedures for standardization and optimization of telecom related activities.
  • Internal plant engineering
  • External plant engineering (FTTH)
  • Engineering for multiservice private networks. (CTIs, ducts, cabling, power, air conditioning, network devices and networking)
  • Passive Optical LANs (POL): applying the maturity of new fiber technologies deployed by carriers in business environments
  • Technical and economical feasibility studies for deployment of new services
  • Planning, quality assurance and project management
  • License and permit management
  • Marketing of telecommunication services


Datacenter management

Operation and Management Systems

DCIM workflow management

DCIM as the "ERP of your datacenter"

  • Excellence in Operations
  • Capacity optimization and management
  • Resources knowledge an management
  • Inventories and audit
  • Facilities and IT systems monitoring
  • Connectivity management
  • Automatic asset provisioning
  • Process automation
  • Risks reduction and management
  • Efficiency and reduction of power consumption
  • ITIL/ITSM best practices for the datacenter

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