Innovation in Prevention at Madrid IRSST


3 Nov 2023 - We participate in the seminar organized by the Regional Institute for Health and Safety at Work (IRSST) of the Community of Madrid, on "IT Applications in Job Safety: Itinerant and relocated jobs"

Cybersecurity Audits with Penetrator

Imagen penetrator1

July 5, 2023 - Cybersecurity has become strategic for the survival of companies. All companies already know that they have to invest in firewalls, antivirus and other tools. But are they really safe?

Our company has been working with Secpoint (Danish company), for more than 6 years, in cybersecurity audits with the Penetrator. It is an automatic ethical hacking system that allows you to quickly analyze whether the company's infrastructure is robust enough to resist the attacks that hackers are continually carrying out.

TR-398 Issue 3 WiFi Testing


May 27, 2023 – Good performance of WiFi networks are necessary for the proper functioning of the applications and the communication networks of the users/clients.
There are two basic approaches to measure the quality of WiFi networks, through passive measurements and active measurements.
The use of passive measures, mainly through coverage studies, has been shown to be insufficient to verify the quality of WiFi services. It is true that at least it allows us to know if the WiFi signal will reach a certain area of the office or home, but it does not guarantee that the WiFi terminals/equipment have good functional behavior or adequate performances. The reason is that not all WiFi devices are the same, right?

Active Security Deployments for photovoltaic installations


23 February 2023 - We deploy our first Active Security projects in Photovoltaic plants.

Our solution helps to avoid accidents (people running over and/or vehicle collisions), by installing radars in vehicles and the use of bracelets by workers.

IoT Node

Nodo IoT3

20 December, 2022 - Aplicaziones launches its cost-effective, UNE 178104 & UNE 178108-compliant IoT Node for sensor management in buildings

It is based on a compact, professional, high-performance computer (quad core, 4GB RAM, multiple slots for I/O ports and communication interfaces).