The Telecom Infra project focuses on WiFi


26 September 2021 - Telecom Infra Project (TIP), an initiative of most operators and manufacturers to build open communications networks, launched this May the OpenWiFi project, a platform that complements its work on the Open RAN (Radio Access Network) and, according to the organisation, will help service providers deliver seamless roaming and enterprise connectivity.

OpenWiFi is a free and open source unbundled Wi-Fi software system. It includes a cloud controller SDK with open APIs and enterprise-grade access point firmware. The two elements have been designed and validated together.

TIP wants original design manufacturers (ODMs) to incorporate firmware into white-label access points for various use cases. OpenWiFi access points are seen as the building blocks for value-added services, including WLAN or security, that OEMs can create using the software stack.

The Open WiFi stack includes open and standardised APIs and data models, scalable mobility and Wi-Fi meshing, extensible radio resource management, support for 802.11u and OpenRoaming specifications, and analytics.

Dozens of OpenWiFi access point designs for indoor and outdoor use cases are already available, and TIP expects the number to multiply by the end of the year.

Nick Kucharewski, Qualcomm's vice president and general manager of wireless networks and infrastructure, said that "the multi-vendor access point model creates an accelerated path for hardware partners to deploy high-performance Wi-Fi technologies".
Other companies involved include T-Mobile US, MediaTek, Facebook and Dell Technologies.
Deutsche Telekom, Vodafone Group and MTN Group have begun lab testing OpenWiFi. TIP stated that the source code and test results would be made available to all interested parties.

"OpenWiFi is a natural next step, building on the momentum created by TIP's OpenRAN and OOPT initiatives," said Attilio Zani, CEO of TIP, stating that the move was a "natural next step" for the organisation, opening the door for operators to offer "ubiquitous connectivity" using 5G and Wi-Fi.

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Our company applauds this initiative to incorporate WiFi networks, in their own right, into the operators' networks.

More professional WiFi networks will improve customer satisfaction.

This is the line of work that our company has been committed to in recent years, through the proposal to measure the quality (QoS) of WiFi networks. This initiative was backed by the Broadband Forum, a couple of years ago, with the TR-398 recommendations for measuring the performance of WiFi equipment. This new OpenWiFi initiative also incorporates WiFi services into the architecture of operators' networks in a more integrated and transparent way.

At the moment, we are the reference in Spain for passive and active measurements for all types of WiFi networks. From our laboratories we can carry out all kinds of scenario simulations and equipment characterisations. We can also deploy our instrumentation at our clients' locations to study the behaviour of WiFi networks in their own offices or facilities.

Mas información sobre nuestros servicios para la medida de la calidad de las redes WiFi se puede encontrar aquí.

More information about our services for measuring the quality of WiFi networks can be found here.

We hope, now, that we can also help operators to make WiFi networks perform as well as we all need them to.

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