COVID Gauging Control

Distancia social1

9 May, 2020 - Unfortunately we are going to have to live with COVID-19 for a while, so our company has started to design solutions that can help in the fight against this pandemic.

One of the lines of defence we have is to manage to maintain social distance to avoid the rapid spread of the virus.

To help with this challenge, we have repurposed our IoT sensors to report the occupancy status (capacity) of the building, shop, museum, park, pool or beach (for example).


Distancia Social 4

These technologies have been designed for smartcities and smartbuildings. In some cases they were being used for marketing strategies and commercial campaigns. Now they are also used to control capacity and avoid unwanted crowds.

Our proposal covers the needs of SMEs, with packaged solutions to "arrive and implement" and also for large companies (or Public Administrations) in which it is necessary to integrate the capacity information with their management systems.

The solution is configured using Smartphone, Radar, Microsensors and Image sensors. The count data is then sent to the cloud or to a local client server for exploitation.

Information LEDs are installed to inform the public about the capacity of the venue, or information channels already available, such as digital signage and/or mobile services on smartphones.

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