Civil Protection Security Awareness (CPSA)

We envision a better and more secure world by bringing the best security practices all around the daily people activities by using our low cost CPSA platform.

We hope with our works we can do our bit to address the security challenges our society faces.

With the Civil Protection Situation Awareness (CPSA) project we have a master plan to make this happen.

personal threats
  1. We need to develop the enabling technological breakthroughs. We already have been working with GPS denied pedestrian positioning for nearly 4 years. See here our progress. We also have a good knowledge around the ITSM process automation environments from our Data Center background.
  2. We will implement our first platform solution for a very specialized market, the guards security sector. This is the objective for our european Eureka Einnovest Guard Protection Situation Awareness (GPSA) project that was presented the last June at the international Stockholm Venture Forum. With this development it´s possible to improve the complex incident operations and also to increase the guards productivity by reducing costs. This first project success will help us to finance part of the next master plan steps.
  3. Later on we will develop on our platform some vertical professional security application cases. One project we already have defined it´s the european Eurostars Crew Situation Awareness (CSA) project for maritime security.
  4. Finally we will develop customized solutions for the personal and crowd security market. Here we are talking about access control, staff control and so on. This it´s a huge market. We are talking about billions €!

 With the CPSA will move the personal security to the cloud!

 CPSA description

This project it´s based on the “know how” we have got from our last year’s works, either with our internal R&D activities either with our multiple international R&D programs experiences (Eureka, Candeka, FP7 and H2020).

The CPSA is a revolutionary low cost platform for security and emergency management which will integrate “real time” scenario information with a new “automated” security dispatching system.

CPSA has the market potential to reindustrialize and automatize the security industry.

CPSA value proposal: 3DC2

  1. Indoor/Outdoor positioning without infrastructure support
  2. Wearable sensor network
  3. Augmented reality
  4. 3D Command & Control
  5. Vertical apps for the different user markets needs
  6. Low cost solution based on the smartphone ecosystem and a cloud architecture

The CPSA main business considerations:

  1. Disruptive business model based on subscription cloud services vs conventional hardware for security services
  2. Huge market potential (from million to billion users)
  3. Gradual investment model around the Aplicaziones CPSA master plan
  4. Very good business plan numbers

 Following you can see a video with the project vision

More information it´s available by request.

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