Configuration and Documentation Management System

In recent years there has been a major effort by companies and authorities, to provide the employees of a communications network that will improve productivity at work. However, these communications networks are not always properly documented and sometimes this leads to poor exploitation of its potential, incurring in additional costs on waiting times to register a service or even unnecessary investment. This situation becomes even more critical in cases where such investments in infrastructure are made along several years and different projects, such as plans around data centers, educational centers and hospitals.

Nlyte asset management


Cabling management

To meet these needs Aplicaziones has developed a methodology and tools for the creation of inventories and document management that enable our customers to have the information and control of their communications infrastructures (wiring, racks, equipment, technical systems and IT environments).

This solution is based on management tools of renowned manufacturers (iTRACS, Nlyte and Panduit) and normally their implementation can be amortized in less than one year.


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