Aplicaziones selected by the Eureka Einnovest Program


June 9, 2016 - Within the European program Eureka Einnovest, 200 European companies have played during 6 months to introduce their projects with investors and venture capital firms. Finally, 30 companies were selected and our GPSA project (Guard Protection Situation Awareness) was introduced to the Venture Forum that was held on June 9th in Stockholm.

Einnovest Stockholm

The GPSA project proposes a transformation of the security industry based on the automation of the activities of security personnel with the aim of optimizing processes, reducing costs and improving safety management of people. The GPSA represents the new Guards Security 2.0.

Aplicaziones is currently developing the prototype of this solution based on previous R&D works conducted around our own R&D Veloz project.

This project brings several breakthroughs and innovative features together:

1. An integrated concept of situation awareness and security risk intelligent process management.
2. Cost effective architecture based on COTS (Commercial off-the-shelf) solution. It relies on standard devices from the Smartphone ecosystem.
3. Indoor/Outdoor positioning without infrastructure support using fusion algorithms with multiple fingerprint strategies and sensor information.
4. Wearable sensors network with an augmented reality engine for an improved scenario awareness.
5. Command and Control (C2) cloud server providing integration between the scenario situation awareness information and the different applications for security operations control.
6. Subscription based business model (service is in the “cloud”) for a low cost market introduction

More information about the project is available for customers and investors by contacting directly with our company.

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