Engineering for companies

Consulting, engineering, design and development of telecom networks

Project planning
  • Strategic consulting. Director plans, operative plans, project planning, technical specifications, services migration, change management, externalization processes and SLAs management.
  • RFPs for bid elaboration.
  • Technical requirements and procedures for standardization and optimization of telecom related activities.
  • Internal plant engineering
  • External plant engineering (FTTH)
  • Engineering for multiservice private networks. (CTIs, ducts, cabling, power, air conditioning, network devices and networking)
  • Passive Optical LANs (POL): applying the maturity of new fiber technologies deployed by carriers in business environments
  • Technical and economical feasibility studies for deployment of new services
  • Planning, quality assurance and project management
  • License and permit management
  • Marketing of telecommunication services


Business and operations support systems (OSS / BSS)

  • New tools for management of operations and multiservice netwoks business
  • Suitable also for neutral and regional carriers
  • Business models based in pricing of services vs. subscription lines
  • New ecosystem with network operators and service providers
  • Increase in ARPU and “churn” reduction
  • With more services, bigger complexity in network provisioning and management -> proper process automation is the key for operations success
  • New platforms integrating OSS and BSS, with a diversity of users and service provisioning processes, marketing, invoicing, support,...


Network Security and Quality control

Instrumentation for network emulation and traffic generation

    • Analysis Analysis of complex networks using lab models and emulation
      • Emulation of hundreds of devices using limited physical ports
      • Design validation prior deployment
      • Application validation according to network
      • Identification of malfunctioning devices and replication
      • Traffic load tests
      • Audio and video subjective quality evaluation
    • Traffic generation of different types (levels 2, 3 and 4) in order to verify network devices in different scenarios. Special modules for VoIP (SIP) and Wifi
    • Network emulation: analysis of network performance under different traffic types and conditions and topologies
    • Test equipment and technology based on Candelatech products


Network Security & Service Level Agreements (SLAs) control

  • Next generation Firewall for SOHO market
  • Policy Security and Management services control
  • Threats blocking for virus and ramsomware
  • ”End to end” monitoring”
  • Capacity management and optimization using existing resources
  • KPIs measurement for availability, latency, jitter, packet loss
  • Voice, video and data monitoring 24/7
  • Application performance
  • System based on low cost central and mirror probes
  • Distributed architecture & cloud control
  • Customizable for different types of services and terminals
  • Control over commited SLAs: “get what you pay for”
  • Capacity management for CAPEX optimization
  • Solutions based on Untangle products


Cabling management

Cabling management
    • Communication and TI infrastructures management
    • Inventory, audit and asset control tools
    • Barcode and RFID support
    • End to end real time visualization of physical and logical layer
    • Smart panels integration
    • Fool plans load and visualization
    • Asset library and custom templates
    • Ccustomization of software tools depending on customer operative processes, for an efficient connection and asset management (ITIL model)
    • Reliable data source or repository
    • Return of investment (ROI) 6-36 months
    • Expertise in management systems from iTracs PLM, Paduit PIM (now SmartZone) and Nlyte


Wireless infrastructures

4rd generation WiFi

  • Easy installation and maintenance
  • High performance and improved coverage
  • Mobility support (VoIP)
  • Multilayer WLAN without co-channel interferences
  • Guaranteed QoS allowing the separation of:
  • voice, data and video
  • 802.11ac/a/b/g/n
  • private/public areas
  • Spatial spectrum reuse (3x bandwidth)
  • Specific secure channel
  • Specifically designed architecture for deployments with high density AP distribution and large venues coverage (>100 APs)
  • Potential markets are: Hotels, schools, sport centers (stadiums), industry (logistic hubs), transport (airports and stations) and in general any project which needs a good WiFi coverage with quality of service over large areas.


Internet of Things (IoT)