Engineering for companies

Consulting, engineering, design and development of telecom networks

Project planning
  • Strategic consulting. Director plans, operative plans, project planning, technical specifications, services migration, change management, externalization processes and SLAs management.
  • RFPs for bid elaboration.
  • Technical requirements and procedures for standardization and optimization of telecom related activities.
  • Internal plant engineering
  • External plant engineering (FTTH)
  • Engineering for multiservice private networks. (CTIs, ducts, cabling, power, air conditioning, network devices and networking)
  • Passive Optical LANs (POL): applying the maturity of new fiber technologies deployed by carriers in business environments
  • Technical and economical feasibility studies for deployment of new services
  • Planning, quality assurance and project management
  • License and permit management
  • Marketing of telecommunication services


Business and operations support systems (OSS / BSS)

  • New tools for management of operations and multiservice netwoks business
  • Suitable also for neutral and regional carriers
  • Business models based in pricing of services vs. subscription lines
  • New ecosystem with network operators and service providers
  • Increase in ARPU and “churn” reduction
  • With more services, bigger complexity in network provisioning and management -> proper process automation is the key for operations success
  • New platforms integrating OSS and BSS, with a diversity of users and service provisioning processes, marketing, invoicing, support,...
 Business and operations support systems


Network Security and Quality control

Instrumentation for network emulation and traffic generation

Network emulation and traffic generation devices
    • Analysis Analysis of complex networks using lab models and emulation
      • Emulation of hundreds of devices using limited physical ports
      • Design validation prior deployment
      • Application validation according to network
      • Identification of malfunctioning devices and replication
      • Traffic load tests
      • Audio and video subjective quality evaluation
    • Traffic generation of different types (levels 2, 3 and 4) in order to verify network devices in different scenarios. Special modules for VoIP (SIP) and Wifi
    • Network emulation: analysis of network performance under different traffic types and conditions and topologies
    • Test equipment and technology based on Candelatech products


Network Security & Service Level Agreements (SLAs) control

  • Next generation Firewall for SOHO market
  • Policy Security and Management services control
  • Threats blocking for virus and ramsomware
  • ”End to end” monitoring”
  • Capacity management and optimization using existing resources
  • KPIs measurement for availability, latency, jitter, packet loss
  • Voice, video and data monitoring 24/7
  • Application performance
  • System based on low cost central and mirror probes
  • Distributed architecture & cloud control
  • Customizable for different types of services and terminals
  • Control over commited SLAs: “get what you pay for”
  • Capacity management for CAPEX optimization
  • Solutions based on Untangle products
reports 1 untangle


Cabling management

Cabling management
    • Communication and TI infrastructures management
    • Inventory, audit and asset control tools
    • Barcode and RFID support
    • End to end real time visualization of physical and logical layer
    • Smart panels integration
    • Fool plans load and visualization
    • Asset library and custom templates
    • Ccustomization of software tools depending on customer operative processes, for an efficient connection and asset management (ITIL model)
    • Reliable data source or repository
    • Return of investment (ROI) 6-36 months
    • Expertise in management systems from iTracs PLM, Paduit PIM (now SmartZone) and Nlyte


Wireless infrastructures

4rd generation WiFi

  • Easy installation and maintenance
  • High performance and improved coverage
  • Mobility support (VoIP)
  • Multilayer WLAN without co-channel interferences
  • Guaranteed QoS allowing the separation of:
  • voice, data and video
  • 802.11ac/a/b/g/n
  • private/public areas
  • Spatial spectrum reuse (3x bandwidth)
  • Specific secure channel
  • Specifically designed architecture for deployments with high density AP distribution and large venues coverage (>100 APs)
  • Potential markets are: Hotels, schools, sport centers (stadiums), industry (logistic hubs), transport (airports and stations) and in general any project which needs a good WiFi coverage with quality of service over large areas.
4rd generation WiFi blankets


Internet of Things (IoT)

Internet Of The Things



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