Passive Optical LANs (POL)

FTTX POL Passive Optical Lans

With nearly 1 million GPON lines designed in FTTH deployments for carriers in Spain, Aplicaziones introduces in the national market these innovative solutions also for the enterprisee markets.

Based on Passive Optical LANs (POL) standards, they may offer significant savings (+50%) in CAPEX and OPEX to our customers, as well as facilitate corporate strategies for minimizing environmental impact.

More information about POL networks can be found on APOLAN association.

With this new technology and topology we can offer y quadruple play services to the desktop (telephone, video, data and wifi) economically and reliably. Designed network simplifies traditional structured cabling deployment, getting rid of intermediate telecom rooms and its associated electronic equipment. Main advantages of these solutions are:

  • Less instalation time and cost
  • No need for intermediate telecom rooms
  • No need for intermediate racks and equipment (patch panels, switches, UPS, etc.)
  • No need for providing power supply in the intermediate nodes
  • No need for air conditioning systems
  • Total cabling used in a POL installation it is only a fraction of an equivalent structured cabling copper solution
  • We do not have distance constraints when deployed in large buildings or campus sites (monomode fiber under GPON standard may reach 20 Km)
  • Drastic reduction of operating and maintenance costs (savings in power consumption, climatization, network devices maintenance and used space)
  • Fiber can replace UTP ethernet, multipar and coaxial cable supporting all the required applications: telephony, broadband data, wifi, CCTV, TV ...
POL topology comparative

We can compare a conventional network vs. a POL solution showing CAPEX and OPEX estimates for an instalation in a large building:

Business Plan POL

Using POL network we can achieve around 50% savings!

More information: POL presentation, Hosteltur press release

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